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And its no mistake, if its always repeated
2004-12-20, 7:36 p.m.

....really isnt working out for me. I mean the girl has no effing ENERGY!! I MEAN HELL! CAN YOU FREAKING DANCE!?? Jesuis Christo your at my feckin damn christmas banquet, could you have the freaking energy to at least dance? But no. She's always complaining that she's tired and, well hey, thats not for me. I need someone who's at least... ALIVE!!! not a zombie. So yeah, she's looked good and all but...no. not for Thomas. Not at all.

.....was amazing. It wasnt one of those parties where the life is totally sucked out of the room, the chip bowls get emtied and stay empty and all the soda runs out. Ashley, I love you, because YOU KEPT THE DR. PEPPER FUELED AND REFUELED! I mean every time that the bottle was almost empty, my heart dropped cuz I thought that was it. But no! Everytime I came back in the kitchen, a whole new 2 liter had presented itself! HALLAYLUJAH! I got to see some people I havent seen in blooddy ages. and that conquered the whole night. So ashley I give your party a good....8 out of 10. You would have gotten a 9 but ben studebaker tried to calm me down. and all knowledgeable people know you dont..EVER...try to calm me down. (But we still love him).

.....freaking awesome. Its like this triple date this. Danny and Emily. Phil and Libby. Me and Meredith. We're going to the art museum and then to a movie afterwards. so I'm really freaking looking forward to taht because....heheheheheheheheh. I am gettin my groove on.

.....is friggin weird. Sarah M totally blew me off the possible selection list and is all about Adam Fletcher now. which I mean...I think that guy looks like a nasty perverted fuck anyway but. hey thats just my envy and jealousy speaking. and Sarah G, gave me all the right signals and totally did the lets be friends line, and now she's gone for all break. but I think she said that because meredith likes me and she didnt want to commit too anything until she consulted meredith about it. ....and now I'm going on a date with meredith. lol. so this is gonna play out halarious if you ask me.

So yeah. lol. that was fun.

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